Protective Packaging

  • Bubble Wrap Bags

    Bubble Wrap Bags

    Bubble bags are ideal for adding extra protection whilst products are in transit or storage. Each bag includes a self…

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  • Single Faced Corrugated Rolls

    Single Faced Corrugated Rolls

    Single faced corrugate rolls are a clean, lightweight and cost effective traditional paper packaging. Ideal for providing cushioning, interleaving and…

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  • Ribbed Kraft Paper Rolls and Sheets

    Ribbed Kraft Paper Rolls and Sheets

    Kraft Paper rolls and sheets provide high performance wrapping paper that is suitable for items that require additional protection due…

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  • Solid Board Edge Protection

    Solid Board Edge Protection

    Edge and corner protection products are designed to offer differing levels of protection for the edges and corners of goods…

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  • Foam Edge Protection

    Foam Edge Protection

    Reusable PE foam edge protection profiles available in both L and U profiles to absorb shock impacts and provide heavy…

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  • Foam Corner Protection

    Foam Corner Protection

    Reusable PE foam corner protectors which fit around the corners of your product absorbing shocks and preventing movement. Size: Metric…

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  • Tissue and Newsprint

    Tissue and Newsprint

    Tissue and Newsprint off cuts are used to provide additional protection when wrapping goods securely. These sheets are an economical…

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  • Palletised Containers

    Palletised Containers

    Pallet boxes are made from strong, heavy duty stitched double wall corrugate and are ideal for the transportation and shipping…

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  • Timber Pallets

    Timber Pallets

    A range of new and used pallets are available from stock including standard (1200 x 1000, 1200 x 800, 800…

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  • Presswood Pallets

    Presswood Pallets

    Presswood pallets are suitable for exports as they are lighter than timber and need to additional treatment. A choice of…

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  • Polypropylene Strapping

    Polypropylene Strapping

    Plastic hand strapping is available in various grades and is light, easy and safe to handle. Strapping can be printed…

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  • Hand Strapping Tools

    Hand Strapping Tools

    Available as either a separate Tensioner and sealer or a one piece Combination Tool. Separate tools are ideal for vertical…

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