• Single Wall Boxes

    Single Wall Boxes

    Single wall boxes are suitable for the transportation and storage of  goods. All single wall boxes are available in buff…

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  • Double Wall Boxes

    Double Wall Boxes

    Double wall boxes are suitable for the transportation and storage of heavier and more fragile goods. All double wall boxes…

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  • Multi Depth Boxes

    Multi Depth Boxes

    Multi Depth boxes are available in both single and double wall and come complete with creases at various heights, this…

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  • BDCM Single Wall Boxes

    BDCM Single Wall Boxes

    BDCM single wall boxes commonly used within retail or catalogue industries for the storage, packing and transporting of goods. These…

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  • White Boxes

    White Boxes

    White single wall boxes are suitable for the transportation and storage of goods. All stock boxes are made to FEFCO style…

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  • Corrugated Layer Pads

    Corrugated Layer Pads

    Cardboard sheets or layer pads as they are commonly referred to are ideal for interleaving and pallet protection. Cardboard sheets are made…

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  • Stationary Boxes

    Stationary Boxes

    Stationary Boxes are high quality boxes with lids that are ideal for single reams of printed matter. Boxes are available…

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  • Corrugated Book Wraps

    Corrugated Book Wraps

    Cardboard book wraps are ideal for sending a variety of items through the postal system. They are easy to assemble…

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  • Archive Boxes

    Archive Boxes

    A buff, single wall archive box with hinged lid and hand holes for the storage and transportation of documents and…

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  • Packaging Tape

    Packaging Tape

    Standard packaging tapes provides a strong, economical, self-adhesive solution for a variety of sealing applications. All packaging tapes are made…

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  • General Purpose Masking Tape

    General Purpose Masking Tape

    Masking tape is used as utility purpose paper tape for fixing, bundling, holding and sealing applications and short term paint…

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  • Specialist Tape

    Specialist Tape

    Specialist tapes include a range of tapes that would be considered suitable for more complex or specific applications, including cross…

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