Void Filling

1st Class offer a range of machines and consumables that are able to produce void fill, including the FillPak and RanPak products.

Fillpak TT

FillPak TT converts 38 cm, fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration, for fast and efficient void filling.

Place a FillPak TT at each of your packing stations to maintain maximum efficiency in packing, while minimizing material cost and usage. FillPak TT is easily operated by a foot pedal and dispenses the void fill product directly into a box, further increasing the speed and efficiency of packing. Because of its unique design, the operator can use and load the converter in an easy way, enabling optimisation of the time needed to pack the products and providing maximum throughput.

FillPak TT can be easily adapted to any packing environment. When electric outlets are not available the TT can be converted into a battery operated unit.

FillPak TTC

This machine had a void fill with cutting mechanism, which eliminated manual paper tearing.

The TT Cutter has all the benefits of the standard TT but with an automatic cut mechanism which is ideal for packaging environments where there is a focus on ergonomics to give increased comfort to the packer.


PadPak Senior 

This machine is a versatile cushioning solution to protect heavy or fragile products. The Senior is ideal for high volume, labour-intensive packing operations, where products are often loose rather than pre-packed in boxes. It can be supplied as a stand alone unit or integrated into a pack station or production line.

The senior converts 2 or 3 ply paper into highly shock absorbent cushioning pads, either on demand or pre-produced into a bin at 0.42m/sec.

Its functions include a range of user modes, automatic cutting, and pre-programming to produce pads of differing lengths for complex product packing. Optional items include the coiler, splicing plate, pack table, paper roll cart or Ad'Pad branding tool.

PadPak Junior

The PadPak Junior is ideal for low volume packing in distribution centres, mailrooms, retail outlets and for home office use. Pads can be used for wrapping, cushioning and block and bracing products inside a box.

It is compact, portable and easy to operate using a pull down handle, producing 0.3m of 2 ply cushioning pads per second.

PadPak LC

The PadPak LC is the fastest paper cushioning system on the market, combining high speed with minimal paper usage, converting upto 1.4m of 1 ply paper per second into a light, effective cushioning pad. It is often used for wrapping lighter fragile products such as electronics, toys and technical or medical instruments.

PadPak CC

The PadPak CC produces narrower cushioning pads at just 11cm wide, ideal for tightly packing products in small and medium sized boxes, thus retaining all the cushioning propertiees of the wider PadPak pad but with reduced paper costs.

The CC is flexible, converting 1 or 2 ply paper pads, of brown or white paper, and therefore suitable for both light and heavy products. The smaller packs are easy to store and load with no bin-filling needed as the CC can sit on the work station and dispense paper on demand by use of a foot pedal.

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