Specialist Tape

Specialist tapes include a range of tapes that would be considered suitable for more complex or specific applications, including cross weave tapes, rubber/tissue finger lift tapes and adhesive strapping tapes

Many specialist tapes are Avery branded and provide ultimate bond strength with excellent high temperature performance and excellent solvent resistance.

Tapes can be recommended to you to suit your requirements and applications.

Cross weave filament tape is a high quality and strong cross weave filament tape. Ideal for holding boxes together on pallets and salvaging torn and damaged boxes

Rubber/Tissue finger lifting tape is high tack double sided tissue tape with fingerlift release liner – synthetic rubber based adhesive gives good adhesion across a wide range of surfaces and is suitable for general purpose lightweight bonding. The tape is hand tearable and the the integral finger-lift liner offers easy removal.

Gummed tapes are available in Light, Medium, Heavy and Reinforced grades and can be supplied Gummed Side In or Gummed Side Out.


Size: Metric             Pack

Filament Tape

50mm x 50m 18
75mm x 50m 12

Rubber/Tissue Tape

12mm x 50m 60
24mm x 50m 30

Gummed Paper Tape
48mm x 200m 28
72mm x 200m 20
96mm x 100m 18 


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