Solid Board Edge Protection

Edge and corner protection products are designed to offer differing levels of protection for the edges and corners of goods and furniture whilst in transit and storage.

Solidboard protectors are manufactured from solid board strips and are reusable and recyclable. They provide protection, stability and reinforcement to palletised loads.

Our full range consists of foam, board and plastic products. Other products include:

Blue foam protection absorbs sock impacts and provides heavy duty protection. made from reusable PE foam, edge protection profiles available in both L and U profiles to absorb shock impacts and provide heavy duty protection. U profiles have integrated grip to remain securely in place. L profiles are used for flexible edge and corner protection.

Expanding corner protectors are available in plastic and foam and will ensure safety during transit. Ideal for protecting edges for items in transit. Suitable for use with Acrylic, Foam PVC, ACM and Polyester cut size sheets.

Size: Metric Wall Thickness

35mm x 35mm x 1m  2.5mm
35mm x 35mm x 1m  3mm
35mm x 35mm x 1.5m  3mm
50mm x 50mm x 1m  3mm
60mm x 60mm x 1m  3mm



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