Postal Tubes

Postal Tubes are used for the protection of items that cannot be folded whilst in storage or transit.

Each postal tube comes complete with tight fitting, plastic end caps.

Postal tube range includes standard sized from A4- 1350mm in length.

These postal tubes are 100% recyclable.

A range of standard sized postal tubes, complete with end caps provide ideal protection for sending out your printed matter. Other sizes and printed options available, please contact your local sales office for more information.

Size: Metric


240 50mm /1.5mm A4
330 50mm/1.5mm A3
482 50mm/1.5mm A2
640 50mm/1.5mm A1
640 76mm/1.5mm A1
940 76mm/2mm A0
1097 76mm/3mm B0
1350 50mm/2mm
1350 50mm/3mm
1350 76mm/2mm
1350 76mm/3mm

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