Polypropylene Strapping

Plastic hand strapping is available in various grades and is light, easy and safe to handle. Strapping can be printed to your own design for both security and promoting your products.

We recommend our automatic and semi automatic strapping for most machine applications. The following widths and grades of banding are available for use with these machines enabling them to cope with any strapping requirement.

Machine strapping is also available in fully and semi automatic.


Size: Metric

Cardboard Cores  
12mm x 2000m x 110kg Light
12mm x 1300m x 200kg Medium
12mm x 1000m x 300kg Extra Heavy Duty
16mm x 800m x 365kg Heavy Duty
Plastic Reels  
12mm x 1500m x 180kg Medium
12mm x 1000m x 300kg Extra Heavy Duty 

Size: Metric Description
9mm x 4000m. 85kg Semi Automatic
9mm x 4000m. 100kg Fully Automatic
12mm x 3000m. 130kg Semi Automatic
16mm x 3000m. 160kg Fully Automatic

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