Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap Film

Hand Stretch Film provides security for palletised loads.

Stretch film is available in clear to allow for visibility in checking, or black for security when privacy is required.

Hand Stretch Film core sizes are available in standard, coreless or extended.

Pre Stretched Pallet Wrap films are stretched during manufacture and offer incredible strength and versatility from very thin material. Pre Stretched films shrink down onto the pallet and greatly reduce the amount of film required to wrap your products. Very cost effective and excellent when considering Packaging waste regulations. Available on Extended cores and one line available coreless.

Size: Metric

Blown Film Micron/Core
400mm x 600m 7/8 Standard
400mm x 300m 7/8 Extended
400mm x 250m 14 Standard
400mm x 200m 14 Extended
400mm x 250m 17 Standard
400mm x 250m 17 Extended
400mm x 250m 20 Standard
400mm x 250m 20 Extended
500mm x 150m 34 Standard
Black Stretch Film Core/Micron
500mm x 250m Standard 17
500mm x 250m Standard 23
Hand Film - Cast Description/Micron
100mm x 150m Mini Rolls 15
400mm x 250m Hand Reels 17
400mm x 250m Hand Reels 20
500mm x 250m Hand Reels 20
Coreless Film Description
390mm x 600m 7mm folded edge

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